Educating Powerful Innovative Creators

Our Mission:

Educating Powerful Innovative Creators

Black Girl Karate's mission is to educate and empower young girls through creative arts, martial arts and academics”. 



                         Our Mission

BGK’s mission is “to educate and empower young girls through creative arts, martial arts and academics”. 

The goal of the program is to provide educational and social success through life skills workshops, academic programs and self-defense classes. Objectives include; boosting academic performance and interest, restoring healthy habits and attitudes, enhancing self esteem, developing a creative incentive by exploring the arts, and promoting team work.


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Our Impact

Black Girl Karate (BKG) was founded in August 2017 by community leaders Tia Hines and Kenyatta Moon-Sprinkle. They were concerned with young girls in Boston’s inner city being exposed to community violence, crime, drug use and promiscuity. This negative exposure has a direct effect on a child’s health physically and mentally leading to trauma, poor school performance, low self-esteem, and lacking in social skill. With that said, Black Girl Karate was created to provide that constructive outlet by giving the girls something to do and a place to go.


Our Programs


By partnering with the local courts, school districts, community centers, and health centers, and other non-profits, BKG will be able to successfully mentor young girls. Beginning in April 2018, we would like to offer free workshops and self-defense classes along with creative arts and academic enhancement activities. 



Self-Defense classes

Coming Soon...It is imperative that our girls learn how to protect themselves. Learning self-defense strengthens confidence, boost self-esteem and teaches confidence. 

Creative Arts workshops

Girls will be able to explore different creative outlets through mini introductory workshops provided free for the community.

Dear little...

"Dear Little" will be a traveling exhibit that showcases positivity and self esteem particularly within the context of representation for black children.  To learn more click here.


We will be providing on the go after school tutoring and academic activities through our mobile volunteers. (Coming Soon)




“Little girls with dreams become women with a vision.” ~Unknown





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