February 2018

For the past few months, the media producer and author have been working on “Dear Black Girl” and “Dear Black Boy,” a combination of photographs and video segments.

The goal, inspired by Derryck Patton’s two poems of the same names, is to spread positive affirmations to young black children, encouraging confidence, pride and whatever else they may need to feel comfortable with themselves.

Katie Bowler

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february 2018

Hines was working on her sneaker restoration project under her non-profit, Black Girl Karate, and needed sound bites, images and positive affirmations for black children. An internet search led her to the poems aptly title Dear Black Boy and Dear Black Girl by Derryck Potten, a Nevada based poet. She shared the poems with Chandler, whom she had brought on board for the sneaker project, and immediately they both knew they would be embarking on a new project together.

Genevieve Bien-Aime

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